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Developing original home entertainment products for kids

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For the last 10 years,
Motti has specialized in developing interactive books for kids.

Unlike picture books, the interactive book empowers children by reinforcing their experience, thereby strengthening their enjoyment of the book’s content.

The interactive book enables the child to take a real part in the story, and to experience whatever the  characters in the book are experiencing.

Motti always examines his interactive book ideas according to four parameters:

  1. Is it an original, unique, and special idea? (Will it create a “Wow!” effect?  Will the child be excited about it?)
  2. Does the book provide a real answer to a real need of the child?
  3. Is the book suitable for the age group of the target audience?
  4. Can it technically be produced and sold at an affordable price?

After developing the concept

  • The ideas are always examined by children’s psychological and behavioral experts.
  • Then, a sample book is developed and examined by children’s focus groups in kindergartens.

Interactive books developed by Motti

Big, Medium, Small


Where’s That Monster?

A fun book, filled with suspense, and accompanied by luminous illustrations, immediately pulls young readers into a nighttime adventure in which they use a flashlight to illuminate all the dark corners in the young hero’s bedroom, helping him dispel his fear of what is behind the shadows and shapes that lurk there.


Grandpa’s Pacifier

An entertaining story about a little boy who becomes a big boy, and then a father, and then a grandfather, but who still cannot bring himself to give up his pacifier. Two-year-old Theo can never be seen without his pacifier. Mom says it’s all right for now, but Theodore grows older and is in no hurry to part with his pacifier, not even when he becomes a grandfather!
The book comes with a real pacifier, allowing children to take an active part in the story.


School for Teddies

Children’s ability to identify shapes is necessary for the development
of spatial and geometric thinking. The Shapes book in the School for Teddies series enables children to learn fundamental shapes, and draw them for themselves on the erasable “whiteboards” in the pages of this book with the marker provided. In this way, children become active participants in the story of this entertaining book. Additional titles in the School for Teddies series (Letters and Numbers) are in the advanced planning stages.


Hide and Squeak

A little mouse teases a cat in a variety of clever and entertaining ways. He drinks the cat’s milk, blows out his birthday candles, wakes him up from a deep sleep, and more. When the cat tries to catch the mouse, the child is encouraged to help the mouse hide on the table, under the bed, next to the garbage can, inside the closet, and more.


Twilight the Dream Fairy

Twilight the Dream Fairy has sweet dreams galore, so children can take their choice: you can dream you’re a king, fly in the sky, or float in the sea. The book is accompanied by a glowing fairy doll that creates a pleasant, relaxing bedtime environment.


Granny Made Some Porridge

A book of nursery rhymes in which the story comes to life through the enclosed tickling finger puppet. The puppet turns the parent’s hand into a tiny granny who strolls lightly on the child’s hands and body in search of porridge, providing both the child and the parent with long hours of laughter and fun.


King Simon Says

A book of games that provides hours of fun with five classic children’s games: Pick-up Sticks (Mikado), Hopscotch, Cat’s Cradle, Five Stones, and Chinese Jump-Rope. All five game kits include detailed playing instructions integrated with an amusing story about King Simon, who claims that he invented all these games and more.



Familiarity with pairs of opposite words helps children master sorting and classifying skills while enriching their vocabulary, thus contributing to their intellectual development. The book intertwines 120 opposite words into an amusing story about twins, creating a unique learning experience through an engaging story.


Modeling in Clay Series

With the Modeling in Clay book series, the child learns simple modeling techniques for creating various animals and items, in a fun and humorous way. The books include a modeling clay kit, entertaining verses about each animal or item, and illustrated step by step instructions.


Anybody Home?

Everyone knows that snails keep their houses on their backs. But that was not always the case. Visit the home of a very special snail and hear why he chose to take it with him everywhere. An exciting and ingeniously funny look at Snail’s tiny house, told through window flaps inside the book that reveal the many surprises in the snail’s home.


Who Will Make the Princess Smile?

A playful story told with the help of nine finger puppets: a lion, a little lioness, a monkey, a hippo, and more. The beautifully designed finger puppets enable young readers to take an active part in the story by acting it out. The puppets improve children’s fine motor skills and develop creativity.
A charming story about a sad lioness princess whose father, the king, invites all the forest animals to try to cheer her up. This playful story is told with the help of nine finger puppets: a lion, the little lioness, a monkey, a hippo, and more. The beautifully designed finger puppets enable young readers to take an active part in the story by acting it out. The puppets improve children’s fine motor s kills and develop creativity.